The benefits of Betel Leaves Green For Healthy Body

Betel is a medicinal plant that is quite popular in Indonesia, because it is antiseptic in almost all parts so it is very effective and commonly used for daily treatment. Green betel leaf commonly used to treat various diseases, ranging from mild illness to chronic disease. Prove the benefits of green betel leaf as a medicinal plant to treat various diseases in the following.


Of the many leaves that are useful for treating coughs, including betel leaves are quite effective. You can take advantage of betel leaf as well as possible to cope with a cough, simply by taking 15 pieces of betel leaf green and boiled with three glasses of water to produce a quarter of betel leaves boiled water, add honey and drink while warm.


Benefits Betel Leaves Green. As the foliage that has the benefits of green betel leaf is able to overcome bronchitis. Bronchitis is an inflammation in the bronchial, the disease is actually not serious if your condition is fine, but it would be a serious illness when the condition of your body is not good from the start. The disease is caused by a bacterium, virus or organism similar to bacteria (Chlamydia and Mycoplasma pneumonia).

They were active smokers and people with lung disease at greater risk for this disease. Overcome bronchitis by boiling seven green betel leaves that have been cleaned, boil with sugar cubes and 2 cups of water. Boil until the remaining one cup boiled water betel leaves and drinking as much as one-third harinnya 3x each glass.

Overcome body odor

Betel leaves are also effective for eliminating body odor annoying. Body odor is common when the body to sweat and will disappear after cleaning the body, but when your body odor is not normal can be no influence of germs and bacteria, germs and bacteria overcome that cause body odor by taking five pieces of betel leaf then at least with 2 cups boiling water , Let the boiling water until the remaining one cup just boiled water and then drink the green betel leaf when daytime.

Treat burns

Benefits of green betel leaf you need to know is capable of treating burns. Burns can occur because the outermost skin layer receives heat stimuli from hot objects, whether it’s a fire burning or objects that conduct heat. Now for treating burns you can use betel leaf, no longer need to rely to wear ointment. Simply by taking a few betel leaves and wash them thoroughly, before application to the wound, add a little honey pure.

Overcoming nosebleed

Overcome nosebleed by using green betel leaves are still young. Crushed betel leaf young and sumbatlah your nose with betel leaf that has the dimemerkan, wait for a few moments, if you have not nose bleed again, if not then treatment with light green betel leaf succeed, but if it fails and your nose is still bleeding , then immediately go see the doctor.

Treat ulcers, eye itching and redness

Benefits of green betel leaf that you should not leave aside is able to treat ulcers, eye itching and eye redness. Boils can be very annoying and makes you feel uncomfortable because it feels pain, ulcers overcome by wrapping the collision ulcers wearing green betel leaf, replace each 2x daily.

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