How to Take Care of Motor Matic Injection  

How to Take Care of Motor Matic Injection – Currently a lot of new motor matic injection keluarna. Many people prefer using matic injection due to more efficient than other motor matic. Which makes motor matic matic injekisi different from the carburetor usually is not used in automatic motor injection. Excess injection motor matik the other is, capable of making long engine life and fuel to be sewa videotron frugal. But the injection motor also takes care of the right – really intensive in order not to degrade Prominent when the street. Here’s how to maintain the motor matic injection true and correct to always awake, and still economical.

Before using your motor matic injection, you should preheat the engine about 1-5 minutes. With a short time sufficient to heat the combustion engine and made to be perfect.
At the time of automatic motor drive, simple design do not often change the pace of the motor suddenly. By changing the speed arrives – arrives can make your machine automatic motor injekesi short-lived.
This is the most important, always check the gas tank. Never to make automatic motor injection petrol tank is empty. No need mengunggu gas line in letter E or empty. Motor matic injection should not be to run out of gas.
Menganti transmission oil injection motor regularly. This is one way to prevent thirst metik injkesi engine components. For maximum reimbursement transmusu oil every 5000 km and engine oil regularly on every 1000 km.
Always check the condition of the spark plug and the battery on your automatic motor injection. Plugs and batteries are two components that make motor matic injection bertenanga and speeding. If the battery or replace the spark plugs are not working premises for new and original from the authorized workshop.
Check the condition of the belt and roller vent regularly. If it is no longer worthy to replace it with a new and original. Note also the transmission space
Infromasi so we gave for how to care for motor matic injection, may be useful for treating motor matik your injection. In addition to caring for your bike properly matic tips How safe braking matic might also be useful to your driving safety.

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