BENEFITS FOR HEALTH cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper or capsicum frutescens, is a fruit and plants of the genus Capsicum. Besides Indonesia, he also grows and popular as seasoning in countries in Southeast Asia. In Malaysia and Singapore it is called chilli rice, the Philippines ceilings labuyo, and in Thailand phrik khi nu. In Kerala, India, there is a traditional cuisine that uses cayenne pepper and called kanthari TUKANG TAMAN SURABAYA mulagu. In English it is known as Thai pepper or bird’s eye chili pepper. Cayenne fruit changes color from green to red when ripe. Although smaller in size than the other varieties of chili, it was considered quite peppery because kepedasannya reach 50000-100000 on the Scoville scale. Cayenne commonly on sale in the markets along with other varieties of chili. (Source:

In Indonesia, the use of cayenne pepper is used in almost all processed food especially for lovers of spicy, cayenne pepper is most important is to look for when eating well while eating fried foods. Not only tastes good, apparently cayenne juaa has many health benefits. As I got from one of the sites, following some Cabe Rawit For Health Benefits

Improve blood circulation
Cayenne increases blood circulation in the body. Which in turn can help prevent low blood pressure problems. It also helps to prevent blood stagnation problem.

Helps in muscle pain
Cayenne pepper is rich in capsaicin, this substance can help to relieve muscle spasm and pain problems. It also helps to relieve joint pain in arthritis conditions.

Helping detoxification
Cayenne pepper known as circulatory stimulant for the body. It helps to assist the body’s digestive system. It helps in the process of cleansing and detoxification, help to remove excessive sweating, which is also good for detoxification.

Help you lose weight
Cayenne pepper is rich in antioxidants, which help to increase the body’s metabolic rate. Consuming cayenne pepper in the diet can also help in losing weight and burn excess fat from the body.

Maintaining a healthy heart
Cayenne pepper helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol from the body. Which in turn prevents the risk of heart disease. Cayenne pepper also helps to lower the blood pressure of the body, thus providing benefits for heart health.

Assist in Allergy
Cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in skin allergic conditions. It also helps to relieve pain caused by arthritis condition.

Help treat colds and flu
Cayenne pepper helps reduce the formation of dense mucus that causes colds in the presence of capsaicin contained therein. So that cayenne pepper can also relieve nasal congestion.

So my post about Cabe Rawit for health benefits, may add to our knowledge about the benefits of a variety of herbs that is around us.

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