Definition of Duties & Responsibilities Business Analyst


According to wikipedia a Business Analyst is someone who analyzes an organization, company or institution as a (real or hypothetical) and designing processes mesin jahit singer and systems, assess the business model menintegrasikannya with technology. Well job of a business analyst is to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its objectives. So Business Analysts are required to analyze, modify and ultimately resolve business problems with the help of technology both in the use of the latest technological tools, applications and other technologies.

The field of business analysis
Well views of the analyst business fields can be distinguished according to the level of the fields are as follows.

Understanding Duties & Responsibilities Business Analyst

Strategic planning is a business analyst to identify the business needs of the organization
Analysis of the business model is a business analyst who works for the field to determine the organization’s policy and approach to the market
The design process is a business analyst who works for the field work to standardize workflow organization
Systems analysis is a business analyst who works to interpret business rules and requirements for technical systems (generally in IT)

Business Analyst is someone who is part of the business operations and working and relating to Information Technology to improve the quality of service delivered, sometimes helps in integration and testing of new solutions in enterprises, institutions and organizations. Business analysts can also support the development of training materials, participate in the implementation, and provide post-implementation support. This may involve the development of a project plan and often require project management skills.

Responsibilities & Requirements A Business Analyst
In general, the Business Analyst has a technical background, have experience of working as a programmer or engineer, or complete a degree in Computer Science. Business analysts do not always work in projects related to IT, is also often necessary expertise in the field of marketing and finance as well. Usually some companies or industries that require the services of a business analyst is usually engaged in finance, banking, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, software services and so on. Business analysts have a responsibility to understand the structure, policies, and the production process of a company or organization and recommend solutions, means, methods that enable the organization to achieve its goals and has the soul of a problem solver.

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