Love Is Bad


In today’s teen vernacular, negative could commonly indicate great. Also words ill could imply great. You may have heard some child claiming something like ‘oh, yeah, that motion picture was bad’ or ‘that guitar solo was so unwell’ definition, actually, that they were quite great.

Our use language normally develops and also morphs from one generation to one more. Each generation appears to design brand-new words to stand for experience. Definitely, we have actually ended up being familiar with a wide variety of new words as a result of computer systems, the Web as well as social networking. The entire area of ‘texting’ has actually devised a multitude of ‘words’ such as ‘lol’ that were uncommon a decade back.

There are some words, important words, words which shape and also structure our awareness, which have been around a very long time, and also which have a myriad of various significances. Love is among those words. Depending upon our experience with love, it can be bad, as in bad; or, it can be excellent, as in great. It can be an ecstatic experience, or one of suffering. Yet, is that actually like?

We can claim that love has many levels and also lots of meanings; we can speak of erotic and also charming love, platonic love, domestic love and also we can even speak of a nationwide love, the love an individual has for his or her country as well as for whom one would pass away. There are some common denominators among all these types of love, specifically that they are emotional states. Being psychologically based, this experience we call love is totally connected with such psychological characteristics as add-on and possessiveness, which can lead to jealousy and even physical violence. One needs to question the validity of a ‘love’ that in any way causes physical violence, or, for that issue, temper, irritation, depression or anxiety, all of which are not unusual experiences in the worlds of ‘love.’ There is even more popular music, verse as well as books blogged about the misery and also discomfort of love, both requited and also unrequited, compared to the happiness of love. Take into consideration the lyrics in the preferred 1980’s tune Love Stinks by the J. Geils Band:

You love her
However she loves him
As well as he likes someone else
You simply can’t win
And so it goes
Till the day you pass away
This thing they call love
It’s gon na make you weep
I’ve had cries
The reds and the pinks
One point for sure
Love has an odor

Love misbehaves, in the original significance of negative. It’s unwell, in the original significance of ill. A minimum of the love we think about, as love, is such. But, probably, we do not know love. Maybe what we label love is an emotional state of mind vulnerable to misery and torment which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with love. Maybe what we have actually been calling love is actually a type of dependence, a type of retreat from ourselves and our own petty irritabilities as well as disruptions of mind. What far better means to avoid our own absence of actual love than to immerse ourselves into someone else and call that love?

So, after that, just what is real love? Is it a sensation? A feeling? A concept? An idea? Or, is it something beyond all that, something so entirely fresh, so absolutely alive, so entirely blissful and so totally all encompassing, that we, basically, block it out, deny it and fear it. Such a state of being could evaporate all our conceptions of that we are and also substantially alter exactly how we relate to others, and to our self. Such a change can create incredible havoc in our lives, which would misbehave; therefore, perhaps, Love is, certainly, bad.

Ken Area is an across the country accredited licensed psychological health counselor. With over 25 years in the psychological health and wellness area, he has actually functioned as an individual as well as family specialist throughout school areas and also within neighborhoods, a crisis treatment counselor, a medical supervisor and an administrator in a human service company. He has actually instructed classes in reflection, visualization, setting goal, self-image psychology, rage as well as stress monitoring, settlement, mediation as well as communication, situation treatment, and also parenting. Mr. Fields focuses on Cognitive Behavior modification, Family members Systems Therapy and Interaction Training. As an exercising counseling psycho therapist, Mr. Area brings years of specialized training and used abilities to his work. He now supplies top quality on-line therapy and also can be found at

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