Outbound Malang Songgoriti

Outbound Malang Songgoriti

Songgoriti Batu Tourism is also one of the recreation places in Stone Town. Songgoriti tour park is more familiar with the name Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti Bath. Songgoriti Tourist Park is located at the foot of many mountains, Jl.Songgoriti Batu-Malang precisely in Songgokerto Village, Batu Sub-District. On Songgoriti tour you will be able to enjoy the swimming pool, outbound malang , hot springs, dazzling parks, hot springs, the historic mausoleum of Pathok or Empu Supo, and Pasar Songgoriti Batu market that sells handicrafts / souvenirs made by residents of the songgoriti area and a large parking area.

In addition to providing attractions, here also provides historical attractions that is Songgoriti Temple which is a relic of the kingdom of Majapahit. Opening hours of this tourism starting at 07.00 – 17.00 owing to the extensive tourist area songgoriti very suitable for outbound event songgoriti malang.

outbound malang

In addition to the area is also available facilities flying fox, spider web and two line bridge. So that event outbound songgoriti malang more exciting. Let’s try outbound malang songgoriti with us No Limit Adventure Outbound.

Outbound Tourism Object in Malang

Hi friend how are you? Hopefully friends are always in good health and good luck always.Nggak feels already mid-week. At the beginning of this month, everyone is sure to be busy making holiday planning for the end of the year.

Well bener also my friend. If not from far-away days all the inns sold out. Well than later confused because of the lack of preparation. The first thing to discuss is going to vacation where ?, yes yam au vacation where, this year’s holiday should be different from the end of year holidays lalau, let me not bored.

Outbound tourist attraction in Malang, here’s the solution. Now the road – the road to the poor city more exciting.Karena outbound tourist attraction in Malang is different from other tourist objectives in Malang.

Outbound malang tourist attraction in Malang in addition to presenting a recreational park and tourism also have outbound facilities are complete.Beberapa outbound tourist objects in Malang include:

1. Tirta Nirvana Songgoriti

2. Selecta recreation park

3. Coban Rondo Tourist Park (Waterfall)

4. Tamana Tour Coban Rais (Waterfall)

And many more among them. Wait let alone join us No Limit Adventure Outbound.

Outbound in Malang Region

This time we will discuss about outbound in unfortunate area. Yesterday (07/11/15) No limit Adventure Outbound get a guest visit from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the City of Jakarta. Exciting once the event on the first day guests come and immediately check in at Batu Flower Club Club, from there the guests rest first when then the next day following a series of events that have been coupled by Team No Limit Adventure.

The next day on the second day around 09.00 am, participants immediately left for the Base Camp No Limit Adventure located on Jalan Wukir. Right behind Temas Village office building. About 7 minutes from Flower Club Hotel. Once arrived at the base camp all outbound participants directly at the briefing to follow rafting / rafting in the river brantas located in the Village Temas.

After the briefing is finished all the participants go straight to start rafting. Track that passes ± 10 Km takes ± 3 hours travel time. The atmosphere was very bright afternoon made rafting activities more exciting. After the rafting activities finished, outbound participants rushed to clean themselves and meikmatim lunch that has been provided.

Once completed, all participants return to the Hotel to rest up preparing for the outbound trainer activities tonight.


How interesting is not it? For those of you who are interested in my story and want to feel the outbound malang in the unfortunate area for more information visit our website at nolimitadventure.com

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