Magic Clown Show At Christmas Eve Party

Do you want to know what the funniest of clowns stunts are? It’s easy and fun. Search in this Article and apply it in your next Clown party.

Now comes the chance to show off a bit. The young clowns all sit in a circle and one each takes a turn at the battle.


Each performed his funny clown acrobat while the children clapped their hands energetically.
The boys and clown girls who won first place as funny became twirlers in the old game of Sculpture. The twirler boy grabs the right hand of every boy and swings him about three times. Kostum Badut are holding positions where they land. The twirler looks them up and takes the most exciting to become the next twirler. The girl clown twirled all the girls and judged her group.

To have a quiet game before lunch the clown sits alone in a circle to play Circus. The first game clown begins by saying, I went to the circus to see a pangolin. Repeating the next in line, I went to the circus to see the grass and added an animal beginning with the letter b as a bear. The third in line might say, I went to the circus and saw a beard, a bear, and a clown. One who fails to think of an object that begins with the next letter of the alphabet goes to the center of the circle.

With only a few remaining time competing, lunch was ready. Jack and Jill bring their guests into the dining room for refreshment. For balloon place the used card. A balloon bearing the guest’s name was tied to the back of each chair. The shout was greeted with the laughter of a new idea as the guests searched for their seats.

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Traditional ice cream becomes cheerful clowns a scoop of ice cream on a piece of pineapple with cherry pieces for naughty eyes and mouth, and whole cherries for a round nose. A paper-shaped glass cone with red tassels on top perched above the clown face, adding the final touch to a comedian-like appearance. Little opaque white cake box decorated with small red candies.

The party guests were tired but happy. They collect their dolls to take home as a favor. They believe that nothing can be more fun than a joyous party like a clown. More information about a party clown: rent a clown

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