How To Cheap Holidays in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Holidays to Brisbane and Gold Coast in Australia do not have to be expensive. There are a variety of exciting holiday activities at affordable or even cost that can be enjoyed.

Brisbane and Gold Coast offers a variety of interesting attractions, from the green, the zoo, the beach and so forth. Indeed many tourist attractions are paid, but many are affordable and free.

For a walk in both popular destinations in Australia, a traveler can fly up Singapore Airlines to Brisbane. Make a choice of flying to Brisbane, Singapore Airlines offers convenient flights 4 times a day with 30 seats each in Business class and 255 seats in Economy class.
Well, Brisbane is also a gateway to fly to other destinations in Australia, for example to Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Melbourne, Gladstone, Hobart, Townsville, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin. This destination can be Bus Pariwisata achieved by code share Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia.

As for the Gold Coast, a traveler can fly first to Brisbane. Then travel 1 hour from Brisbane to Gold Coast by bus or car. Come on the Gold Coast and just get ready to enjoy an exciting holiday that does not make a pocket hole there.

Information collected Devi travel from Tourism and Events Queensland, Friday (5 / this way budget holidays in Brisbane and Gold Coast:


1. Take the free ferry boat

Want to enjoy the beauty of the river in Brisbane aboard the boat for free? Just try CityHopper. The ferry that operates since July 1, 2012, and this will bring the traveler sailing from Sydney Street to North Quay.

The ship operates every 30 minutes from 6 am to midnight local time. Tourists just choose to choose to sail in the morning, day or night. Fun yes!

2. Free walking tour

Brisbane is not half-hearted to spoil tourists. In addition to a free boat ride, there is also a free walking tour of Brisbane Greeters. While walking, there is a guide who will accompany.

The guide will tell you about the various exciting stories related to this city. While listening to the story teller, do not forget also the traveler can take pictures in various intragenic angles.

3. Take a ride on a bicycle

Another cost-efficient city option is to ride a bicycle. You can rent a bicycle from CityCycle to explore Brisbane. 2,000 bicycles are available at 150 points in various corners of the city. For the price, starting from AUD 2 (Rp 20 thousand) for 24 hours access.

CityCycle is a choice of fast, affordable and exciting transportation. Certainly also as an alternative short trip by car, public transportation or on foot.

4. Culinary tour at EatStreet Markets
How to Vacation in Brisbane & Gold CoastFoto: (Tourism and Events Queensland)
EatStreet Markets is arguably the largest culinary market in Brisbane, where there are loads of containers with food in it. While enjoying the snacks, there is usually also a live music performance entertaining visitors.
5. Enjoy the morning at Southbank
How to Vacation in Brisbane & Gold CoastFoto: (Tourism and Events Queensland)
Relax in the morning before Brisbane’s roaming, it’s fun to stop by Southbank. You can swim in Streets Beach.

Well, Streets Beach is the only artificial beach in Australia in the middle of the city. After swimming, you can continue to hang out in the cafe while drinking coffee and enjoy the scenery around the beautiful.

Gold Coast

1. View the Gold Coast from a height of Q1 Building

Gold Coast is a coastal city with the breathtaking coastal scenery. In addition to enjoying the freshness of playing on the beach directly, see the view of the long coastline from a height is also interesting to try while on vacation there.

You can come to the SkyPoint Observation Deck on floor 77, Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise. At a cost of AUD 14, you can see stunning views of the Gold Coast coast on one side, and skyscrapers on the other.

2. Feed the pelicans
How to Vacation in Brisbane & Gold CoastFoto: (Tourism and Events Queensland)
The activity of feeding the pelicans is held every day at 13.30 at Charis Seafood Restaurant. Her address is at 371 Marine Parade, Labrador QLD 4215. This can be witnessed by a traveler at no additional cost.

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