Tips to Make a Clothes Dry Fast in Rainy Season

Rainy season has arrived and this is often a bad dream for some mothers because clothes are dried in the sun is difficult to dry and so stale because not dry with prime. So what needs to be done so that drying clothes dry faster in this rainy season? Check out his tips as written by me below yuk Ladies.

drying your clothes

Hang your shirt

One of the ways out you can work on is hanging your shirt inside the room. Let the clothes dry in the wind. This is the best way out you can work on this Ladies rainy season.

Drying In The Bathroom

Let the water from the clothes hatch in the bathroom. It will not soil your Ladies dwelling. Then just dry in the place you want. It will also make the clothes add dry faster.

Squeeze Water

If you have a washing machine you may not need to do this. But if you do not have a washing machine you must squeeze the water on the shirt until it is completely dry before hanging it.

Eliminate unpleasant odor

The time to dry your clothes in the living room make sure there is no unpleasant smell that can affect your clothes. If you want to handle this kind of thing you can light a Ladies aromatherapy incense or candle.

Keep Humidity

Drying in the residence is often more alarming because of the musty odor caused by bacteria that grow because the room is very humid. This you can handle by placing salt in the corner of the dwelling to protect the moisture.

Let Air Fresh Enter

Open the window so air can come in and dry the clothes you are drying. Stinky musty smells will disappear with good airflow. The clothes will dry more easily if you ensure smooth airflow.

Hopefully this guide is useful for you ya Ladies. In this rainy season really really needed a trick so that the clothes can still dry even though not attacked by the sun. Good luck.

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