Irregular Menstrual Causes

Irregular menstruation can occur in every woman. Ideally the period of regular menstrual cycle between 21-35 days. With a normal cycle can physiologically describe the woman is likely to be healthy and do not have a problem. A good hormonal system can be demonstrated by continuously produced eggs and regular menstrual cycles. However, not all women reality have a normal cycle of had, many of which have irregular menstrual cycles.

Some of the causes of irregular menstruation include:
Disturbing Hormone Function

Menstruation is closely related to the hormone system regulated by the brain, precisely in the pituitary gland. How the performance of this hormonal system is by sending a signal to the ovaries to produce eggs. If the regulatory system is disrupted, then automatically the menstrual cycle will also be disrupted.
Systemic Abnormalities

Body fat or thin can affect the menstrual cycle because the body’s metabolic system does not work well. For those who suffer from diabetes also will affect the menstrual cycle becomes irregular.

Stress was also able to disrupt the body’s metabolic system, Due to stress, the body becomes easily tired, weight dropped drastically even to sickly so it will make the body’s metabolism disturbed. As a result the menstrual cycle will also be disrupted.

Thyroid gland or disrupted thyroid gland can cause irregular menstrual cycles. This disorder may be production of too high hyperthyroid (hyperthyroid) or too low production of the thyroid (hypothyroid). As a result the hormonal system of the body will come disturbed.
Excessive Prolactin Hormone

Production of high enough prolactin hormone in breastfeeding mothers can make mothers do not visit menstruation because this hormone function to suppress mother’s fertility level. If this happens to a mother who is not breastfeeding is usually caused by abnormalities in the pituitary gland.

Once you know some of the causes of irregular menstruation, then we will discuss about irregular menstrual drugs made from traditional namely:
1. Flower Herb Kembang Sepatu

Prepare 3 hibiscus flower
Hibiscus is washed, then mashed until smooth and cook using 1 cup water. Add enough vinegar to wait until it boils. Strain, then drink water potion 3 times a day as much as half a glass.
2. Papaya Leaf Powder

Prepare 2 pieces of fresh papaya leaf
Rinse papaya leaves then boil using one glass of water. Wait until it boils then strain. Mix with acid and salt to taste to reduce the bitterness. While warmly drinking the concoction.
3. Lime Potion

Lime juice to taste
Take 3 spoon of lime juice then mix it with hot water and honey. Drink this herb a day 3 times half a glass.
4. Turmeric Herb

Prepare saffron sufficiently
Peel the skin turmeric to clean, wash clean then scar until smooth. Cook with water until boiling then strain then drink.
5. Spinach Leaf Powder

Stem spinach 6 fingers and roots 1/7 handheld.
This ingredient can be mixed with honey and then drink.

These traditional ingredients can be used as a menstrual surge for those of you who have menstrual irregularities. Irregular menstruation that occurs in women can also be caused because the woman is pregnant. There is nothing wrong you do PP test to find out if you are positive pregnant or not. Hopefully this article useful to you.

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