Stages of Repairing the Main Work in the Apartment

How to start an apartment repair work?

The first stage of the restoration of the old apartem was the first demolition and dismantling of all dilapidated walls and partition walls, releasing layers of walls and ceilings. This stage is the dirtiest stage of repair.

Another of the most important and “dusty” works is the replacement of window blocks. It is necessary to do this first because dirt and dust can not be skipped during the following stages and are completely forbidden to open windows during painting and wallpaper work (large droplets of temperature and humidity can not be bypassed). After installing windows and window shutters, it is imperative to pack them in polyethylene films and to cover the window harga mdf shutters next to the fiberboard (to prevent scratches).

The next stage is the wiring. Wiring can be installed on the wall or along the floor. The cabling is built into the pipeline to ensure electrical security and improve reliability. The pipe protects the cables from external damage and allows to completely replace the cables without damaging the walls and floors just by inserting new wires instead of the old ones.

Home painting follows the wiring. A common mistake during simultaneous work takes place when the workers forget to put one of the cables and the house painter has plastered and tidied the wall. As a result, additional work is required to close the pursuit on the completed wall. Places from the location of the feed switch and wall and their number should be considered first. The power cabling scheme is usually incorporated into the design project.

Later the system must be ready to serve in case of failure. In addition to wirings, phone cables and TV cables are laid out. The power cord should not be placed near the phone cord and the antenna to avoid noise and noise interference. The most bizarre moment is to put cable TV. To make two (or three) TV sets in the apartment, the second cable is often just “soldered properly” in parallel, so the cable resistance is lowered. As a result, display quality deteriorates, many programs are unacceptable and others. To avoid such situations need to invite specialists with special equipment. He will measure the signal level of each TV feeder and install TV amplifiers or TV filters.

Painting is the longest process, which is why it is done simultaneously in all places, if possible. Delays related to technology. Each layer of applied plaster should be completely coated before the work continues.

Working in sanitary and kitchen settings begins with the house painting. It is better to fulfill the so-called “dirty” work in the first place and all at once. In accordance with the welding technician sanitary welding plan, wall work and pipe installation is done. The reception of steam radiators is prepared, taps and brackets are attached, but the radiator is not installed.

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