Wood Flooring in Underfloor Heating?

It is feasible to install engineered floors to conventional hot water or electric heating systems. However, if not well controlled, can cause problems.

The majority of producers who make wooden floors deemed suitable for underfloor harga plywood heating, do so with a syrat that surface temperatures on sub-floors should not exceed 27 degrees C. Over this temperature increases the risk of excessive shrinkage, breaks open and linear fractures, and possibly de-laminate layers Which is hard from wood.

Another important factor is the relative humidity (R.H.) of the room. A healthy room temperature of 18-20 degrees C should always be accompanied by 50-65% relative humidity. There are many methods to keep the humidity level correct, the most accurate is the electric moisturizer.

It’s the size of a shoebox, refilled with tap water, and automatically releases moisture into the atmosphere until the correct initial moisture level is reached.

But sometimes only ventilation or keeping the plants in the room will have the desired effect. In the extreme case where R.H. The room drops below 40%, a bucket of water in the corner of the room will absorb into the air within seven days or so.

Always remember that it is the humidity that brings heat in the room. If you have a room that is completely dry, it takes a higher floor temperature to keep the air temperature 20 degrees C than if you have the correct R.H. Therefore, following the correct VTH allows your heating system to be more economical to run.

Another potential problem is the volume of air in the room that your system is trying to heat up.

A room with a distance of about 20 square meters with reasonable insulation standards, and a 2.5 meter high ceiling can be heated safely to a temperature of 22 degrees C with heater under your floor running at a temperature of 27 degrees C

The same room with a height of 3.6m will require much below the floor temperature to reach the same room temperature. As we know now, this is not possible under wood flooring, therefore additional heating is also needed. The same is true for rooms with inadequate insulation and high heat loss.

Selecting Floor

The initial moisture content of the wooden floor is an important factor in minimizing the movement. For always heated, wood water content between 6-8 degrees C is recommended. Keep in mind, however, that if warming is not used in the more humid summer months of summer, there will be a much larger (extended) floor movement.

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