Benefits of Banana Fruit

Bananas are very often encountered in our daily life. In addition to easy to find bananas include fruit that is relatively affordable price. Banana trees can grow in all seasons. Bananas also have various types and their characteristics. In addition, bananas also contain many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body.

Here are the different types of bananas and various nutritional content that we summarize

Various kinds of Bananas
1. Manzano Bananas
This type of banana has a strawberry-soft apple flavor. When it is ripe the banana has a black skin color. In general, certain bananas are cultivated in Asia, South America, Mexico, Caribbean, and Africa known as Apples Banana.

2. Nino Banana / Baby
This banana has a length of about 3 inches. When cooked, this banana is yellow and has a sweet taste. This banana contains vitamin B6 and can only be found in Colombia. This banana can also be cooked, stir-fried, steamed and baked.

3. Banana Burro
This banana is small and rectangular. When the ripe banana is yellow and there are dark spots and white meat cream. This banana can be consumed directly and can also be cooked with various recipes.

4. Red Banana
This banana has a unique color when cooking is a maroon color mixed purple rather blackish. The color of the flesh is pink or like the color of salmon meat. This banana has a little raspberry flavor. In addition, this banana contains more beta carotene and vitamin C than the usual yellow banana.

5. Plantain Banana
This banana is not suitable for raw consumption because it needs to be cooked properly. This banana is usually found in India and grows in an exotic environment. When this banana cook has a green color and almost black. The meat is tender and yellow or slightly pink.

6. Cavendish Banana
This banana is very famous in the US. In general these bananas can be eaten fresh and can be used to make cakes, pies, muffins, yogurt, smoothies, puddings and custard.

7. Finger Banana
This banana is smaller and more satisfying when compared with other bananas.

8. Banana King
This banana is very famous in Indonesia. This banana is usually used to make fried bananas.

Nutritional content of Banana
1. Vitamins
Bananas contain lots of vitamin B6 and vitamin C are able to meet the needs of daily nutritional value.
2. Minerals
Consuming one banana can meet the needs of potassium from the daily nutritional value of about 14%.
3. Prebiotics
Bananas also contain prebiotics that can help boost immunity, prevent the development of bad bacteria, and increase the intake of minerals such as calcium.

In addition to rich in nutritional content, bananas are also good for maintaining bowel health, low blood pressure, bone health, cancer prevention, vision, protection of HIV, heart and nerves, mood enhancers and mild sedatives, cholesterol reduction, reduce the risk of stroke, kidney and so on .

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