Some of Alama’s Sites to See Beauty in Menorca During the Holidays

With the snow covering the country in recent weeks and the doom and gloom that has taken place at home, many of us are looking for a holiday abroad for something refreshing and refreshing. Most people think of warm and sandy places, miss chocolates and good books on the beach, but such vacations can be stiff and predictable. We look at Menorcan holidays, which offer a great beach experience, but also have something special in spring and year-round. The variety of flora and fauna on the island harga paket karimunjawa makes it stand out from the denser factory holidays. Menorca’s great diversity can be seen all over the island, and we count down the top five natural sites you can explore while you’re there …

5. The village around Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana and the surrounding Cala lies in the lush countryside of verdant rural idyll species similar to traditional British farmland. Rolling fields melt into beautiful forests in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Menorca. Holidays in the region allow you to unify the natural beauty of the region with the great beaches on the coast.

4. S’Albufera des Grau

S’Albufera des Grau is a nature reserve on the east coast of Menorca. In October 1993, Menorca was appointed by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, and S’Albufera des Grau was one of the best spots on Menorcan holidays to see this diversity. Hundreds of species of birds, lizards, trees, flowers and grasses decorate the area with lively and beautiful scenery – a great site to visit on a nature holiday in Menorca.

3. Wild Animal Recovery Center

An animal sanctuary close to Ciutadella, the Wild Animals Recovery Center saves, helps and nourishes animals from the wounded Island. They offer people on holiday in Menorca the ability to watch animals recover and learn more about them. A great attraction for families, the center also hosts educational games and events for children about conservation and the environment.

2. Cales Coves

Cales Coves has more than 100 caves for you to explore your holiday in Menorca. Some of the caves are natural, made by others or a mixture of both, but they are all amazing and surrounded by plants, animals and marine life. There is no set tour, so you can really explore the majesty of this cave yourself.

1. Dive at Coral Caragol Ice

Diving anywhere while on holiday in Menorca will undoubtedly reveal the rich underwater plants and exotic fish of all descriptions, but some of the best dives try Ice Island Caragol. The reef is only 1 kilometer from the beach, and easily accessible by experienced beginners and divers. It features some of the most amazing natural sights Menorcan has to offer, as well as a great diving spot. Coral reefs have also been the dangers of delivery for centuries, and are attached to many grenade-covered bodies to this day, in collaboration with fish that use them as new habitats.

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