10 Benefits of Durian Seed – For Health

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Durian is one type of fruit that much loved sebgus hated by the wider community. Many love the big fruit with yank gkeras skin and sharp thorns because it’s supposedly delicious and legit and addictive anyone who eats it. Well for those who do not like the durian is usually due to the smell of durian fruit is very stinging and make nausea, so many people are anti will fruit named Durio Zibethinus this original.

This fruit is widely found, especially in mainland south and southeast asia, such as Indonesia and Thailand.

Durian seed benefits Here is a scientific classification and nutrient content contained in the fruit durian:

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Malvales
Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Durio
Species: Durio Zibethinus

Nutrition Per 100 gr of durian fruit flesh:

Energy: 147 kcal
Carbohydrates: 27.09 gr
Protein: 1.47 gr
Fat: 5.33 gr
Cholesterol: 0 gr
Fiber: 3.8 gr
Folate: 36 mcg
Vitamin A: 44 IU
Vitamin C: 19.7 mg
Sodium: 2 mg
Potassium: 436 mg
Calcium: 6 mg
Copper: 0.207 mg
Phosphorus: 39 mg

It is the content of durian flesh. Is it just the fruit that has a good nutritional content for the body? Apparently, not only the flesh, but the seeds of durian fruit itself has a good benefit for the body loh. The benefits of durian seeds are high enough for the health and needs of various other foods. The following are some of the benefits possessed by durian seeds:

As regeneration of durian tree

Durian is a type of tree that grows from seeds. When you are satisfied to consume durian, you can use some durian seeds to be replanted. Although it takes a long time, but when it grows big, durian tree will have benefits especially for the vegetation and the environment around the growth of durian trees.

As a snack

Has anyone ever tried a braided durian seed snack? Maybe you will be more familiar with the jackfruit seeds are boiled, but who would have thought, it can be processed durian seeds into durian seeds of boiled, just like jackfruit seeds. The texture of the durian seed was almost similar to the jackfruit seeds, with a tasty and tasty texture, but tasted a little sweet. This durian stew is sometimes also deliberately sold and processed by restaurants and restaurants that serve menus – menus that smelled of durian.

Durian seed chips

The benefits of durian seeds that can be used are for chips. For those of you who do not like the seeds of boiled durian, you can try other preparations of durian seeds, namely durian seed chips. The clean durian seed is cut into pieces and processed in such a way that it becomes durian chips with a delicious flavor. Usually durian chips are sold in shops by – by from derah which is a large durian producer.

As a source of energy and energy

In addition to flesh, durian seeds can also be one source of energy for the body. This is because durian seeds have a high content of starch so that it can supply energy needs for the body. Durian seeds, especially boiled durian seeds can replace the function of sweet potatoes, cassava, and even rice in terms of fulfillment of the energy needed by the body everyday.

Both as a source of energy and energy

Making durian seed meal

Another benefit of durian seed is that it can be used as flour. The dried durian beans can be ground smooth and used for flour. Powder of this durian seed can replace the use of wheat flour commonly used in the manufacture of foodstuffs.

Good for healthy bones and teeth

After further investigation, durian seeds contain phosphorus and calcium are very good for your bone health. Phosphorus and calcium are two substances that are important for your bone health, such as:

Helps maintain bone health
Strengthens bone structure
Maintain health and strength of teeth
Prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis

Good for bones and teeth

It has protein content

Durian seeds also contain protein. Although the protein content possessed by the seeds of durian is not much, but this protein content can help meet the body’s need for protein in everyday life. Here are the benefits of protein for the body:

Helps tie fat
Strengthens muscles
Provides energy for the body
Maintain body endurance

As a mixture of tablet-shaped drugs

Extracts from durian seeds are also often used to mix in the preparation of tablets and medicines that we usually consume daily.

Reinforcing flavors

Another benefit of durian seeds is as a durian strengthener, especially when

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