Installing Wood Floor on Concrete and Wood Flooring

Wood Floor Expansion & Contraction

“The floor shop said to leave 10mm for the expansion of solid wood floors on the wall, now the boards are lifted off the floor.These suggestions of information like this often cause problems on the floor.Many floor sales people are unfamiliar with solid wood floors gaining expansion similar to laminate flooring. In fact 10mm is not enough for solid wood flooring.

What is Expansion Area? Why do we need it?

The expansion area is the space left around the room, against fixed objects such as columns, thresholds, furnaces, skirt boards, and other statistical items mounted or secured into the framing structure of the house. Although hardwood agen triplek floors used no longer live and breathe still react to changes in humidity in the environment.

The cells in solid wood will absorb or absorb moisture when moisture is relatively high, or when exposed to water. Expansion occurs and hardwoods grow, because they do not have a clearer term, crossing the board’s (wide) grid (see below, not all will react like this). Conversely, if the humidity level drops, the moisture content, the shrinking solid wood will occur.

When we say space, they are defined as installing hardwood floors to and from fixed objects. As an example; “We recommend at least 15mm small to medium-18mm areas in larger areas on skirting boards or walls if new skirting is installed.”

Hardwood floors can react to moisture. In the dry winter months, the moisture can leave the wooden floor causing the floor to contract slightly, which can leave little gaps between each floorboard. In the summer months when the moisture is higher, the hardwood floor will widen and the gap will disappear.

If there is too much moisture in the subfloor then it will cause the wooden board in the paint, or buckle. Almost all the problems associated with hardwood flooring are caused by improper installation and floor preparation. This is why it is important to install hard wood floors so that you follow the recommended installation method. By the manufacturer.

Instal glue installation

Direct glue installation requires the use of a floor adhesive that is applied directly to the subfloor (not directly applicable on the board). This method can be used on concrete and wood subfloor. When done correctly, this is the most stable method for the installation of solid wood flooring because the elastic floor adhesive allows the floor to expand and contract without problems.

If you put on the first concrete subfloor you need to check the moisture of the concrete, if the floor has more than 4% moisture content, then wait until the ground floor dries to meet this level or use the appropriate moisture barrier, we recommend Sika Mb Primer to ensure No damp rises to your new floor

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