Benefits of Blood Donor

Some of the benefits that can be obtained from donating blood are as follows,

1. Increase Production of Red Blood Cells

Do not ever assume that by doing a blood donation can cause red blood cell production to be reduced because it is not true, donating blood can actually increase the production of red blood cells through the spinal cord that continues to fill the red blood cells that have been lost.

2. Preventing Risk of Heart Disease

Keep in mind that the actual heart disease can be caused because the body has excess iron in the blood. Excessive amounts of iron can lead to oxidation of cholesterol that can make the body vulnerable to heart attack, therefore donating blood is one way that can be done to prevent the risk of heart disease.

3.Being More Prime, Fit and Energized

If routine to continue to do blood donor, someone will continue to be more fresh, fit, more excellent and more energetic despite being elderly. This is because the body cells continue to improve their performance in producing red blood cells are lost.

4. Lose Weight

Donating blood is also useful for losing weight because by giving blood about 450 ml as well as helping the process of burning calories around 650 grams, making it suitable for people who are suffering from obesity or overweight.

5. Can Detect Disease

Before making a blood donation, everyone must meet the requirements as a donor so they will be checked first. In the process of examination can be known whether the potential donors suffer serious illness or not.

In addition to providing health benefits for the body, blood donors can also provide psychological benefits. This is because when already doing blood donation, someone will experience the satisfaction of psychology and a sense of calm because it has helped others in need.

However, before donating blood make sure that the reader understands the necessary requirements for blood donation.

Having physical and spiritual health
Have age 17 – 65 years old with minimum weight 45 kg
Has systole blood pressure, 100 – 170 and diastole blood pressure 70 – 100
Has hemoglobin levels ranging from 12.5g% to 17.0g%
Donor interval done at least 12 weeks or 3 months after the previous blood donor
Not suffering from serious illness
Not taking illegal drugs Indonesian Red Cross, “Conditions to Become a Blood Donor”

For more information, about the requirements of being a donor can be asked to a doctor, nurse or PMI member on duty. The important thing to do before deciding to donate blood is to prepare mentally because there are some people who are afraid of syringes so reluctant to donate blood. Get enough rest and consume nutritious food after donating blood. Then, make sure that in a state that is really fit to donate blood and know when it’s time to delay not to donate blood.

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