Benefit Breakfast For Health

Gives You More Energy
As mentioned earlier, breakfast habits can provide the energy needed by the body. However, breakfast activities will provide more energy in order to make the body stay fit while on the move.
Making Brain More Fresh
In addition to providing nutrition for the body, daily breakfast can also nourish the brain so that the brain can think well and quickly, the brain becomes not tired and can increase concentration when thinking.
Nourish the whole body
Getting used to breakfast can make the body avoid bad cholesterol because breakfast nutrients are able to encourage the body’s metabolism so that the production of enzymes produced can reduce bad cholesterol levels.
Preventing Risk of Heart Disease
Get used to the morning breakfast every day can be protected from ulcer disease. This is because the stomach will be filled by food while doing activities so avoid the risk of ulcer disease.
Avoiding Uncontrolled Eating Habits
With breakfast will make the body feel full that will avoid the uncontrolled eating habits. If not breakfast, then during the day the body will feel very hungry that will multiply the consumption of food and snacks that cause obesity.

Breakfast habits not only need to be done by adults only because breakfast habits are also important to be applied to children. Childhood is a period of development and growth so they need a sufficient amount of energy and nutrients. By getting kids to breakfast every day, it can also become their habit until old age later. revealed that a study has shown that children who eat breakfast regularly will have better school performance compared to those who do not have breakfast. The reason, a healthy breakfast offers ¼ percent of the nutritional needs required by the body and can provide a longer satiety so they can avoid the habit of snack carelessly.

The most important thing to do when preparing breakfast menu for yourself and family is, create a healthy menu that is a menu that has a complete nutritional content. Do not use too much sodium, sugar and salt when making breakfast. There are several healthy breakfast menu that can be made as an option, such as low-fat oatmeal and orange juice, sandwiches and milk, cereal and a cup of yogurt, rice side dishes complete with vegetables and fruit, and many other healthy menu choices.

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