Income Raw Land sites

There are so many ways to make money if you own the land. If you have even a small piece of land you may be surprised at how creative you can get if your goal is to create an income using existing assets.

pasturing animals

If you belong to the land areas and / or some wooded areas, you may want to take a look through the on-line and paper classifieds in your area. More than likely you will be able to identify the owner of a horse or a cow looking for a room to graze their livestock. What a fantastic way to make money jasa topografi and if you land includes large grassland areas, the animals will keep the grass down so you can even save money!

hunting rights

If you have land suitable for hunting, you can rent your land to hunters. It is one of the best ways to make extra money. If you have a big deer in your area, there is a good chance you can set a price premium for the right to land you during hunting season. Best of all, you can fill up with people or charge a fixed fee. You are in control with this one, making it one of the best ways to make extra money, while maintaining full use of your land during the off-season. If you have wild animals in your land, I suggest you explore the possibility of generating this income.


Have you noticed how many mini-storage go there? If you have a building on the site, this is also a potentially lucrative way to make extra money. These days, nobody seems to have enough space to store their stuff, making storage space realistic way to earn extra income. It might even be a wise investment to have a building prepared if one does not exist. Those with old warehouses can store four-wheeled vehicles or boat during the off-season, making it one of the easiest ways to make extra money using your soil (or trailers, campers, snowmobiles, classic cars -just what you can think of).


If you have a level, open land that would be suitable to establish inclined, you should look to start logistics base camp. Depending on the current condition of your property, it is possible to start a camp with little start-up money. Usually you only need to start the stakes to make the site, some campfire ring and a port-a-potty. There are so many free and inexpensive ways to advertise these days like Craig’s List and that you at least be able to place ads and see what kind of interest it generates. If there is interest in your area, you have a fairly simple way to generate passive income without having to make a large initial investment or maintenance is expensive.


If your property includes a wooded area, it would be smart to get several quotes from different logging companies to see how much you can earn from wood. In order to preserve the value of land, as well as for environmental reasons, I do not recommend you clear the land. However, you may be able to log part of it and preserve some wooded areas. You may want to look into the company that cut logging in a sustainable manner by selectively harvesting only certain types of trees. This protects the value of the land as well as reducing negative environmental impact. Just do a Google search on “sustainable logging companies” in your country.

Flea market

If your soil is in a high traffic area, I suggest you look into renting it out as a flea market. Do you know how many small tables you can fit on one acre of land? Even if you charge only $ 15 / day for each vendor and you have 20 vendor for the first year, you would have made an extra $ 300 / day which came to over $ 2,000 / week. This is a very inexpensive way to utilize your land while helping out local vendors and consumers alike. As always, do your research on the logistics before diving in.

agricultural land

Depending on the type of agriculture that exist in your area, there may be individuals or large companies looking to lease land short term or long term for agricultural purposes. If you have land that can be cultivated, it will be worth your while to place an ad in the local paper as well as places like Craig’s List and to see if you get hits.

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