Benefits of Drinking Tea In The Morning

You when the morning is a great time for drinking tea. drinking tea in the morning is better done when we do not bathe and play. kta drinking warm tea can give sensation of freshness to sweat out and pour out of the whole body. The small study conducted by researchers involving 95 Australian participants aged 35-75 years were recruited to drink three cups of hot tea between black or placebo with the same flavor and caffeine. Scientists from the University of Western Australia and Unilever discovered drinking three cups of hot tea every day can lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure

According to the Huffington Post , some reasons you should drink tea every day
  • Practical
Compared to coffee, tea making process is actually much easier. Especially when compared with the professional way of making coffee. Just stayed grab teabag and hot water. Dip-dye briefly and ready to enjoy.
  • Keeping bones healthy
Good news for you, enjoy tea can provide the same efficacy as drinking milk. For the elderly, the consumption of green tea could reduce the risk of fractures due to osteoporosis.
Drinking green tea contains compounds catechin, EGCG bioactive compounds that act to strengthen the bones.
  • Overcoming bad breath
Drinking tea was also able to help you solve the problem of bad breath. If you are having problems halitosis (bad breath), you should begin drinking black tea without sugar.

Benefits of Drinking Tea Routine For Body Health

  1. Enhance the immune system, with regularly drink tea every day is certainly very good and effective way to boost the immune system or immune system so that you will avoid many health problems or illness.
  2. Creating a healthier heart, through studies that have been conducted with regular tea drinking every day it can lower the risk of someone experiencing high cholesterol that affects your heart health also becomes healthier.
  3. Maintaining healthy teeth, fluoride and Tannis high enough in tea is very beneficial to help reduce the formation of tartar so that you become more healthy teeth and teerhindar of teeth and gum diseases.
  4. Make stronger bones, amino acid content in tea is useful for the formation of proteins in the body which serves for the formation of bones, muscles, skin and hair, as well as vitamin D content in tea is useful to make the bones stronger.
  5. Help you lose weight, if you’re on a diet you should consume tea which was not given sugar even though a slightly bitter but very good to help the diet you for tea without sugar contains low calories but very rich in nutrients, suitable to help lose weight.
  6. Antioxidants, antioxidant content in tea is very beneficial to counteract free radicals in the body other than it was very effective to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  7. Contains several vitamins, vitamin C is useful as an antioxidant as well as increasing endurance, vitamin E to maintain a healthy heart and make the skin become more healthy and smooth, vitamin A is beneficial to maintain eye health and vitamin B complex are beneficial for metabolic processes in the body.
The Multiple Risk Drinking Tea Namely:
1. Pain in the bones and teeth
This condition is very well perceived by the American women who experience pain in every joint bones to teeth. Doctors diagnose the woman too much to drink tea so that makes the blood has a high fluoride content. The fact that women drink tea bags to a pitcher of tea each day.

The fluoride concentration in the blood is normally no more than 0.10 mg / liter, but the woman has reached the fluoride content of 0.43 mg / liter. Once suggested by doctors to reduce the consumption of tea, eventually making fluoride levels decreased and the pain began to diminish.

2. Exposure to the risk of anemia

caffeine content, fluorine, and tannin in tea in information inhibit iron absorption from food. Iron is needed for the formation of red blood cells. If this condition continues then it is not likely the patient will develop anemia. The hazards of caffeine also have an impact on other health issues.

3. Osteoporosis

In addition to onset of pain caused by increased concentrations of fluoride in the blood, excessive consumption of up to 5 cups a day will make the process more binding reabsorption of calcium which is actually still in need of the body. It means too much to drink tea will make go wasted absorbed calcium in the urine. Yet we know that the calcium becomes an essential nutrient to strengthen our bones and joints.

4. Diarrhea

Drinking tea during diarrhea it will worsen the situation. Tea consumption will actually make the stool becomes more dilute. Instead of calming the stomach to the contrary we will be made to suffer with the disease caused the development of these E. coli bacteria.

5. The risk of kidney stones

Tea contains oxalate substance which is the main cause of kidney stone formation. The risk of kidney stones are mostly suffered by the age above 40 years, and the men have a greater potential of kidney stones than women.

Studies conducted in the United States Loyola University Medical center says that drinking excessive tea can stimulate the manufacture of stone and crystals in the urine drains. It is suggested not to drink tea after a meal will make the manufacturing process more potential kidney stones bigger, better replace drinking water or tea with lemon.

6. Heartburn

Drinking tea on an empty stomach when it makes the stomach acid is getting meingkat. Gastric acid production in the stomach continues to assist in the absorption of food in the stomach. An empty stomach for a long time alone makes the risk of ulcer especially if you drink tea, it will increase the production of stomach acid. Consequently gastric inflammation that is you’re heartburn. Try to not drink tea before you eat, even drink tea after a meal also also has the danger in inhibiting the absorption of iron. Therefore minumah tea in between times after eating about 2 hours later, and of course with a reasonable amount of tea.

7. The risk of miscarriage in pregnant women

for pregnant women is on notice not to consume too much tea. A study recently conducted found that the composition of tea with caffeine can stimulate uterine contractions. As a result, for pregnant women at a young age will make its content has the potential to have a miscarriage.

8. The risk of infants born prematurely

addition, caffeine in tea also will make babies born prematurely due to uterine contractions grew stronger as the content of the tea. The other danger, a mother who breast-feed if you consume too much tea will make terhabatnya production of breast milk glands.

9. Risk of cancer

cell growth is cancer may be caused by certain types of tea such as tea bags. Making the teabag use tea powder wrapped in paper made from chlorine compounds. Process paper peneyeduhan chlorine in hot water to make a compound on the paper is also dissolved in water brewed tea. If still left in time to 5 minutes it will be very dangerous, which means that the chlorine content in the water mixed with tea. So what are the consequences? The content of chlorine is too much in the body of the suspect will stimulate the growth of cancer cells in the body.

10. heart Risk

Levels of caffeine in tea will make the heart beat faster, due to increased blood pressure. In addition konsumis tea consumption in patients with heart disease will cause an uneasy feeling to experience arrhythmias meaning rhythmic heartbeat. For people with heart disease is a condition that is dangerous and could result in a more critical condition.

11. Fever higher

those of you who had fever is advisable to not drink tea. Sweet tea for the sick is usually done by sebagia people, when what is required for people who are sick is to assist the sugar content in the blood concentration, it is actually sugar water alone is sufficient without the tea brewing. Drinking tea at much less febrile illness that would make the body temperature rises. Instead it will actually reduce the fever high fever.

Reduced appetite 12.

For children who often experience difficulty eating problems should not be given a drink of tea. In practical terms will make the child more excited, but the danger behind it actually makes children lose their appetite. This was caused by the time the tea into the digestive organs will make the mucous membranes decreased which will consequently interfere with the absorption process. These conditions will create a stimulus for a lazy meal.

Irritation of the throat 13.

Research conducted in Iran by Tehran University found that drinking hot tea may cause irritation in the throat even more dangerous anymore, can cause cancer of the throat. The research was conducted in malekzadeh found many residents suffering from throat cancer. Oddly, cigarette and alcohol consumption in the region is very low, and vice versa almost all of them drank black tea regularly as much as one liter per day.

14. Dehydration

Drinking cold tea would fit perfectly in a drink when feeling dehydrated. Throat will feel fresh when the cold tea drink. But did you know that drinking it will make you dehydrated afterwards. That was caused by the diuretic properties of the dried tea leaves that would lead to dehydration.

Frequent headaches 15.

This condition is the result of the consumption of tea either sweet or tasteless excess. Drinking tea as in a pillowcase in the beginning can make the impaired absorption of iron by the body that ultimately manufacture of red blood cells also decreases. Blood deficiency will affect organs such as the brain. We will easily feel dizzy if the lack of blood in the body. Therefore, begin to reduce the consumption of tea to keep our red blood cell production.

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