Tips To Keep Your Body Warm

Many people are not strong against the cold air especially those living in the tropics. Cold air also causes many diseases such as flu and cough. Keeping the body warm can at least keep you away from the disease.

Chills can lower the body’s immunity and make people susceptible to diseases such as headaches and influenza that make people hard to think, and cause cold feet and hands that eventually also make it difficult for people to do activities.

Warmth is important to the body and health. The following ways can keep you warm despite cold weather.

1. Use warm clothing
Using warm clothes is the simplest way to warm the body. Covering all body parts that feel cold from head to toe can help make you feel warm. The easiest part of the body to feel the cold is the tip of the feet and hands, so do not miss socks and socks when the air is cold.

Scarves made of wool is the best to cover the neck area. In addition to protecting the neck, long scarves can be used to protect the lips from exposure to cold air.

The fourth item we can use is a beanie or a creature. Its function is to keep our heads warm. In addition to the creature, it will be warmer if we use earmuff – a tool similar to earphones – to protect the ears.

2. Sports
Exercise can improve circulation throughout the body, especially at the tips of the hands and feet that most often feel cold. Light exercise such as aerobics, walking, jogging or cycling can help keep the body warm. Doing exercise when cold air can also boost immunity so keep you away from illness.

Not only do sports, gesticulating hands and feet can also help launch the circulation to give warmth. Cold weather does not necessarily make us have to spend all day in the room. We must keep moving in order for our blood circulation to flow smoothly. We do not have to exercise heavily, just with stretching and light exercise. This activity will also help our body stay warm and relaxed.

3. Rubbing hands and feet
Rubbing your hands and feet can also provide warmth. This comes from the friction that occurs when you rub your hands and feet. The frictional force can generate heat.

4. Eat certain foods
Pepper, chilli and ginger are suitable cooking spices added to the food in cold air. Foods that contain these spices are also believed to be effective to hold the flu.

Cinnamon also helps improve blood circulation to make the body warm. Not only that, warm drinks like tea and hot coffee also help warm the body during cold.

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