Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Digital Printing Services is now more and more and the development of printing business, but many people are still confused when hearing offset printing with digital printing. Though understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using digital printing with percetakan offset jakarta is certainly very important in determining which business choices are right.

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing
Long before that, there are some differences that will make both types of printing this. This difference also dictates that an entrepreneur will choose which printing business to do, Differences Between Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing

Offset Printing
Offset printing is a printing commonly used only for commercial purposes and usually only for a large number of prints. The most distinctive feature of this offset printing is the use of film and printing plate made of aluminum plate. Print plates are used as a media or document transfer tool to be printed onto the surface of paper, other plastics. But the documents to be printed are usually filled in ink from the machine roll.

Offset printing itself for the issue of famous price is expensive. Because this pricing can be determined by a factor of at least print volume, other than that offset printing requires plates and films. Usually with one plate will represent one document field, for one color, and also type. So the more types of documents and colors that will be used, then the amount of fees to be paid will be greater. In addition, the high price factor put offset printing is the type of paper used, blend color, paper size, and also the color quality.

Besides the expensive print prices, there are several advantages when using this offset printing:

Color quality on the printout will be durable, not fade fast compared to digital printing. If printing with a high volume, then the price or cost of printing it will be much cheaper in comparison with digital printing.

The printing process can be done in various types of paper media, and this can not be done by machines there are digital printing services. With offset priting, the printing process can be done with a paper type that has a thickness of up to 400gr.

The printing process can also be done on a patterned field, and also on a thin, thin paper medium. The printout will be much more accurate if using ink with gold, silver, and color will look great if you use gradation gray citizens. The prints will look sharp and evenly if using full block ink. For this type of ink more often used for making design with negative type.

Digital / Digital Printing Services
For digital printing services is the opposite of offset printing, especially in the printing process. Unlike offset printing, digital printing does not use plate and film as print media, but digital printing is using computerized technology. For the price, digital printing will be much cheaper than digital offset because it is not determined by the print volume. In addition, the printing process is faster than offset printing.

Not only that, there are several other advantages of digital printing:

The existing design will be printed as you wish. The guarantees of sharpness and clarity on the prints are determined by the design quality that has been made. However it is necessary to know, if all designs are made must use CMYK color format.

The printing process is fairly short, but this is determined by the number of print volumes. Production costs are much cheaper although print volumes are few. Digital printing services are a safer and environmentally friendly way of printing. This is because the most cost-effective digital printing process in paper, ink and other complementary uses. After knowing some differences both offset printing and digital printing, now your turn to choose which type of printing will be the main business.

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