Here Leaves Pandan Benefits  

Fragrant pandan has the Latin name (Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb.) And includes the family Pandanaceae. These plants usually live in marshes or in places that are moist and shady. However, because the benefits are big enough for human life, this plant has now started to be cultivated and planted in the yard. For breeding is done by separating the new shoots of the clump that grows between the roots.

But who would have thought apart from it all, pandan leaves also have great benefits for health, and nutritional content contained therein pandan leaves can be a very effective natural remedy.
As reported by the health-benefits-of-fruit.blogspot, this is an amazing benefit for health pandan leaves.

Overcoming Arthritis
Rheumatic disease is a disease that attacks the body’s bones. Typically, arthritis itself suffered by someone who has aged quite old. Well, to be free from rheumatism, be sure to take advantage of pandan leaves. The nutritional content of fruit in can really help cure rheumatism.

Overcoming Stress
The aroma of fragrant pandan leaves enough believed to make the mind more calm. Besides aroma, nutrients contained in pandanus leaves said to be very good to deal with stress and feelings of anxiety. Drinking boiled pandan leaves 2 times a day when you feel anxious or stressed. Drinking regularly can help the mind quieter and away from the stress.

Maintaining Healthy Hair
If you want healthy hair, black, soft and shiny and away from the problem of dandruff, make sure to take advantage of pandan leaves. Some studies mention that the nutritional content of pandanus leaves are excellent in maintaining the health and beauty hair. So, try to make natural hair mask from pandanus leaves.

Lowering High Blood Pressure
one of the most often affects a person’s disease is high blood pressure. Due to unhealthy eating patterns and also experience severe stress, this triggers high blood more easily in a person. To fix this, use pandan leaves as a beverage. Boil pandan leaves with two glasses of water and wait for the cooking water by half. Drink this water every morning and evening until blood pressure returns to normal

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