16 The benefits of Betel Leaves For Women

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Betel leaf is no stranger to women because of the betel leaf is already very well known efficacy among women. Betel leaves are divided into two varieties of green and red betel betel. Green betel leaf has been known by various properties to overcome the problem of femininity, while the red betel famous for its usefulness in curing chronic diseases. Because the powerful properties, now green and red betel betel many membudidayakannya. Many groups of farmers and the PKK is trying to cultivate crops such efficacious nan. For those of you who have never seen betel leaves, do not be fooled by the appearance of other leaves. Betel leaf has special characteristics that can be recognized.

Feature Feature Daun Sirih
Green betel leaf have characteristics that are easily recognizable. For those of you who have never seen how physical the betel leaf, you can recognize it through characteristics betel leaf following:

Leaves. Betel leaf has a length of about 5-8 cm, width of about 2-56 cm. Heart-shaped and pointed-toe. Betel leaves growing vines and leaves alternately. If crushed, dun betel will issue a distinctive aroma thanks to essential oils it contains.
Rod. Betel plant stems and greenish brown. The shape is rounded and has a segment. Of betel leaf stems will appear at the root of the betel plant.
Flower. Betel leaf has a flower-shaped ears and the amount of compound.
Fruit. Betel plants also have fruit. The name of the fruit of the betel plant is a fruit buni. Round fruit shape and green color with a mixture of grayish.
Root. Betel plant has a taproot. Roots round shape and yellowish brown.
Ingredients In Daun Sirih
Betel leaves either green or red contain substances that much. The content of substance which is a lot in the betel leaf, betel leaf bermnafaat made to overcome various problems of womanhood. Here are a range of benefits betel leaves to women:

Treating Whitish
wanitaKeputihan benefits for the betel leaf is a natural thing that will be experienced by women. Women will experience vaginal discharge before and after menstruation. Vaginal discharge in women there are two kinds of pathological whiteness and whiteness also physiological. Whitish pathological an abnormal discharge. Judging from the symptoms, odor and color of whitish fluid. Whitish pathological can be treated with this betel leaf. Anti-septic and anti-fungal contained therein can be useful to tackle bacteria and fungi present in the vagina. How to use it is as follows:

Take 5 betel leaves, wash clean.
Prepare 250 ml of water.
Boil the betel leaves using water. Wait until cool.
While still warm, use it to wipe.
Eliminating Itching On Intimate Organ
Betel leaves can be useful to eliminate and relieve itching in the vagina. That’s because anti-septic and anti-fungal they contain. Itching of the vagina can be caused by bacteria, moisture, mildew and touched with dirty fingers. Many women are scratching the vagina to relieve itching. However, scratching is not the right thing because it will only make vaginal irritation. How to overcome the sex organs that itch can be done as well as the treatment of vaginal discharge in women.

Controlling Slime
The nature of the vagina is mucus. Especially the time of discharge, there are women who secrete excess mucus. Excess mucus can cause mildew, moisture and cause discomfort. Controlling excess mucus can use betel leaves. Tannin substances that exist in betel leaves useful for controlling vaginal discharge in excess. The trick is as follows:

Take three pieces of betel leaves and wash thoroughly.
Prepare 100 ml of water.
Boil betel leaves along with 100 ml of clean water.
Use cebok once a day.
Make Organ Intimate Harum
Vagina has a high acidity, because acids makes vaginal odor is not fragrant. Vaginal odor is also likely to sour. Has a fragrant vagina is every woman’s dream, to realize women can use betel leaves to create a fragrant smell vagina. The content of essential oils in the leaves of the betel tersebutlah beneficial to cause the scent of the vagina. How to make herbal ingredients that are beneficial for vaginal scent is as follows:

Prepare five betel leaves that have been washed clean.
Boil using 200 ml of water.
Mix a little salt.
Drink twice a day.
Muscles tighten the Vagina
For women who have given birth or frequent sexual intercourse, density or firmness bibs vagina tends much reduced. If it had been like that, a lot of women or their partners who are not satisfied with the condition of the vagina like it. To restore vaginal muscle tone, women can use betel leaf herb. The trick is as follows:

Prepare 10 betel leaves were already clean.
Boil using 150 ml of water.
Reserving by half.
While still warm, herb drink.
This herb should be taken once daily.
Mengesatkan Vagina
Vagina vaginal rough is narrow, not too much mucus and have a toned muscles. Many a husband who wants his wife to have a vaginal conditions like that. Unfortunately, more and more frequent sexual intercourse, vaginal conditions will decrease. To restore vaginal rough conditions can use betel leaves. Ways of manufacture is the same as how to make potions fasteners vaginal muscles.

Cleansing potion Vagina
In the vagina there are various kinds of good bacteria and bad bacteria. Unfortunately, the condition of a particular woman, the bad bacteria in the vagina is more dominant when compared with good bacteria. That is why human intervention is required to clear the bad bacteria in the vagina. Vaginal cleaning soap will kill all the bacteria in the vagina including the good bacteria. While vaginal cleaning betel leaves will retain good bacteria and bad bacteria eradicate. Here’s how to use betel leaves for mengesatkan vagina:

Take 10 betel leaves, wash clean.
Boil using 200 ml of water.
Reserving half.
Use to wash the vagina every morning and evening.
Spur Sexual Arousal
If women do regular maintenance of betel leaf. Either by drinking boiled water or use cebok water boiled, then female sexual arousal can be accelerated or increased. That’s because women increased confidence. Woman’s self confidence has increased due to the rough sex organs, clean and fragrant.

Eliminating Acne
Especially women with oily skin often have problems with acne. Women who have stubborn acne can use betel leaves to eliminate them. The trick is to boil the betel leaf, then rubbing the face with acne use the cooking water regularly, morning and evening.

Eliminates Body Odor
No women who have problems with body odor. Although wear deodorant though, there are still many women who complain if his body odor. If that happens, the treatment of the outside is not enough. Treatment of the well should be done. The trick is to boil the betel leaf using 100 ml of water, then drink boiled water morning and evening. The content of essential oil in a betel leaf is believed to eliminate body odor that stung.

Haid launched
For women who have irregular menstruation, you can use betel leaf for your launch period. Tannin substances in betel leaves is useful to launch a female menstrual cycle.

Overcoming Cramps
Cramps due monthly living can be mitigated by using a betel leaf. The trick is to drink boiled water betel leaf during morning and evening regularly. In addition to relieve cramps, menstrual can smoothly.

Odor eliminating Amis
The stench of dirty blood, a woman’s different. Women who drank herbal concoctions of turmeric and betel leaf can eliminate the stench of dirty blood. Women who never drank herbal concoctions for the coming months have dirty blood more fishy than women who regularly drink herbal concoctions while coming months.

Reducing milk production Yang Excess
For women who breastfeed certainly wondering if he produces excess breast milk. The problem is excess breast milk can get out without being asked. It would be a shame a woman if she is in a crowd. To cope with excessive milk production, women can use the betel leaf. It is very easy, as follows:

Prepare 4 betel leaves were already clean.
Brush the leaves of the use of coconut oil.
Grilled over a small fire.
Tempelkanlah in your breast area. Do regular morning and evening. The way it is also useful for women who want to wean her child who has not allowed to drink the milk again.
Besides betel, you can also try fruits like bananas for pregnant women in order to become much milk production.

Cure irritation
Betel leaves are also useful to heal irritation of the vagina. The content of anti septiknya and beneficial antioxidants to heal irritation.

Prevent Cancer Cells
Women are very vulnerable to the cancer cells. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body, women can use the betel leaf. The content of antioxidants present in betel leaves are beneficial to ward off free radicals and growth of cancer cells in women. The trick is to drink a decoction of betel leaves regularly. Prevent the presence of cancer cells is more effective if a woman using a stew of red betel leaves compared with betel leaf green. Red betel has a higher antioxidant than the green betel.

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