Tips to Avoid and How to Eliminate Panu in the Body

Panu is one of maslaah that often arise in the skin. Having tinea versicolor is a big problem for people. Especially if phlegm arises in areas that are very visible to the eye. How to overcome and eliminate phlegm from the skin? Well here, will discuss how to remove phlegm from the body. Follow the following reviews:

The first step taken for those who have suffered greatly at risk of phlegm and phlegm disease is to maintain the cleanliness of our skin. Do not use towels interchangeably. Especially if your family member is suffering from phlegm. Also do not use bar soap interchangeably. For more safe is to use liquid soap alone. In addition, you also have to memperhatika moisture on your skin. Not too often wore when the agency was still very wet after a shower, pat dry with a towel first body, and then put on a shirt.

How To Eliminate Panu

For those of you who are already affected by tinea versicolor, it takes more extra care. First, you must maintain a distance of skin contact with others. This is intended to prevent the transmission of tinea to another person. Then how to remove phlegm, taburkanla talcum powder containing salicylic acid in your body after a shower. It is intended to kill the fungi that cause tinea versicolor on your skin. You can also use the ointment anti phlegm that is currently selling in the market.

Use ointment anti phlegm after a shower. And repeat again according to the instructions of use ointments. Keep your clothing. Change your clothes every day. Do not forget to keep your skin remains dry anywhere, because the fungus loves to grow in damp areas. Do not use towels or soap body together with others, is also intended to minimize the occurrence of infection.

Those are some steps to avoid the phlegm and also to remove phlegm in your skin. The most important thing to prevent or to treat tinea versicolor is a way to keep your skin clean.

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