Cookies, The Banner Is Not Enough That’s Who Has To Pay 150 €

Cookies, The Banner Is Not Enough That’s Who Has To Pay 150 €

You thought you got away esservela having entered the infamous button disclosures cookie law Beware, because it might not be enough. According to regulations, the notification to the Guarantor provides a cost of 150 Euros, but not all have to pay depends on ownership of cookies.

The profilante cookie is always bound to be notified – with cost of 150 Euros – but to prevent anyone who has to pay it, even when it does not know the destination of the data profiles, the norm separates cookies profiling first hand from those of another. Both are united by the obligation of information on the home page brief, but not the notification.
Who should pay

So, who pays 150 euro on cookies to the Privacy Guarantor All platforms using cookie profiling, and more bloggers and those who have a small or large e-commerce store and uses first-party cookie profiling, ie own To them, therefore, it is the retention of data that leverage to better understand customer  visitor habits and offer more personalized services, it is up to their notification to the Guarantor and the related cost.
Who should not have to pay

For (big) exception, not pay the 150 euro

Bloggers who use systems with global domination
Bloggers with a domain that does not use cookies profiling. ie they only use technical cookies. Not many, considering that just a social widget to have cookie profiling, but the lack of cookie profiling cuts to the chase there is no need of anything, neither informative nor electronic notification.
Bloggers with a domain that use profiling cookie not owned. But how do you understand it All restricted areas and the systems supplied by service providers for commercial platforms or other embeddati site services, and social button, are Third-party cookies profiling. If the blogger can be shown not to have knowledge and have no part in their treatment, it is not obliged to notify. But the banner is

Even if the turnover of the UK e-commerce are currently not within our reach, to get an idea of ??what Italy could do just look at what happens in France and Germany, where the online business is worth 56.8 respectively billion and 70 billion, and in these countries the figure of the privacy officer is provided by local jurisdictions, while in Italy was not foreseen by the Privacy Act or the Guarantor, nor is there a technical standard.

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