7 Ideas Perfect For Home Admission!

7 Ideas Perfect For Home Admission!

First impressions are everything, or at least a good part. Have a welcoming lobby helps get that feeling of hospitality that we try as soon as you cross the threshold of the front door. However, having a dedicated space or not being able to have, not too difference. The key to true is to transform the space chosen for this ‘first meeting’ in an area with its own personality, regardless of meters available.

Furniture with character, plants or small accessories tastefully chosen can then be accomplices perfect to enrich the entry with originality and thus have a perfect business card for our home. We therefore propose 7 ideas with which to give a boost of vitality to this very important part of the house, looking closely at international projects.

A bit of everything

If you are lucky, you will have sufficient meters for the design of the foyer with a real space to himself. In any case, try not to overload the furniture and other objects insert a small dose of it all, in a balanced and pleasant,

Mark the lobby with plants

One of the elements that will make us more easily identify the entrance area is the vegetation. Using plants as an element to delimit the lobby or the hallway from the central part of the stay, it is undoubtedly very idea listed, especially in areas where there are all the most appropriate conditions for their conservation, from the natural to the climate right. The combination with other elements of the hall, like paintings, clothes or furniture, can help you create a cozy space through which to introduce guests.

The elegance of the screens

As we said at the beginning of this book of ideas, the lack of a room or space and its true to devote to the lobby, it is not limiting in its creation. Among the most original ideas that we can use to create a welcoming area is precisely the screen. This will be very useful if, despite not having meters in abundance, you do not want to give up the lobby, albeit modest, but equally fascinating.

Console, an absolute must

It is a classic in any lobby that respects and that, despite the passage of time and trends, resisted, and indeed has been able to reinvent itself.

The Mexican company Mariangel Coghlan proposes a composition that focuses on distressed wood look, adorned with various decorative objects that, despite being in an open space, make clear the functional idea of ??the area in which we find ourselves.

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