Mountains in Iceland Active, Standby European Aviation

One of the volcanos in Iceland, Bárðarbunga, has shown activity and earthquakes since a few days ago.Meteorological Office reported a rumbling more than 1,115 times and has raised the level of danger of being idle what causes earthquakes .It is estimated that, if Mount Bárðarbunga erupting, it will be the strongest in Iceland since 1996.

Mountains in Iceland Active, Standby European Aviation  
“This is the second highest level of volcanic risk. The potential of this mountain to erupt very high,” said the scientists who conducted the monitoring, according to the Smithsonian , Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

Experts volcanos, Dave McGarvie, discuss some of the possibilities if the mountain is erupting , such as a loud eruption, magma, causing floods, or heavy smoke.

The Icelandic government has taken precautions. Some rescue plane had been alerted and enforced road closures around the site. The prime minister also continue to conduct regular meetings of volcanic activity.

Mount Bárðarbunga is one of the Merapi volcano in Iceland. If Bárðarbunga erupted expected to affect flight activity in Europe, are like what happened in 2010 when Mount Eyjafjallajökull erupted.

When the dust cloud closing most of Europe for six days. A total of one hundred thousand flights to and from Europe were canceled and caused losses of Rp 21.3 trillion.

For the case of Mount Bárðarbunga, geologists have warned on standby to a number of airlines and has been confirmed by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Officials have issued a “code orange” to travel around Iceland. “At the moment I have found no sign of the eruption, but the activity of Mount Bárðarbunga can not be ignored,” the statement Meteorological Agency.

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