The autonomous Samsung car can already circulate in the streets

Samsung car

It seems that since the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 the Korean company wants to lift its head so high, there is more to see the effort they have put in to differentiate themselves with their Samsung Galaxy S8, something that will probably also try with the future Note8.

But, as you know, Samsung is not only engaged in telephony, but also puts its nose in various sectors such as computers, appliances, and even developing its own car. And, in the latter, it seems to do quite well, as the South Korean Ministry of Land has authorized the company to test the car on public roads.

Although many do not like it, stand-alone cars promise to be the very long-term future, and Samsung knows it. So the company has been working on this type of vehicles, but according to Young Sohn, the South Korean giant’s director of strategy, this does not imply that they are interested in its construction.

As you can read on SamMobile, a year ago, Samsung modified a racecourse owned by it to test its autonomous car, and now the South Korean Ministry of Land has granted permission to the company to drive the car through the streets.

As we have said before, according to Samsung’s director of strategy, developing a standalone vehicle does not imply that they are interested in incorporating their manufacturing into the company’s business portfolio. It seems that they are more interested in becoming suppliers and collaborators of traditional car companies.

Something that makes a lot of sense with all the efforts that Samsung has made to develop its own operating system – like Bada or Tizen, which could finally have its use inside the autonomous cars. Although you will find two tough competitors in Android and Apple CarPlay.

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