How to cope with catastrophic volcanic eruption

Ways disaster erupts Mt.
1. Find out if you live in an area of active volcanoes that could pose a threat to you or your family.

2. Remember and know the evacuation routes for your area.
In times of stress people can forget going this route, it would be wise if you can save a copy of the map or create evacuation routes clearly marked, earthquake survival kit

3. Immediately evacuate if it had been asked to leave the premises.
Volcanoes will provide early warnings before the explosion occurred. Warnings like a small earthquake, coughs should not be ignored.

4. In an emergency situation always prepare drinking water, food, a change of clothes and equipment for first aid.

5. Do not re-enter the evacuation zone until the authorities declare the area safe.
Although the volcano has stopped spewing ash and lava but the possibility is still a lot of risks such as air and water that contains sulfur.

6. It is better to stay in shelters and do not leave until declared safe shelters.

7. If possible learn about the lava flows, lava, floods, gases released by volcanoes can to determine the position of a safer refuge.

8. Make sure to wear a mask or sunglasses when going outside the building because the ultimate impact of the volcanic ash is perceived human respiratory problems, such as irritation of the nose and throat, cough, bronchitis, shortness of breath (emphysema) to even cause death due to respiratory narrows.

9. If no mask, residents can use handkerchiefs, cloth or clothing to protect themselves from the ash or gas.

10. For families who have children should provide a special mask for children, as well as not letting them play outside to minimize exposures.

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