Disaster Management Mount erupts

The mountain erupted was an event that occurs due to deposition of magma in the earth were pushed out by a high pressure gas.
Magma is incandescent fluid contained in the layer of earth with a very high temperature, which is estimated at more than 1,000 ° C.Liquid magma comes out of the earth is called lava. Temperatures lava spent of 700-1200 ° C.The volcanic eruption that brought rock and ash can spurt as far as the radius of 18 km or more, while the lava could be flooded as far as the radius of 90 km.Indonesia an area that has many active volcanoes, to the people living around the slopes of the mountain are called upon to be aware, if any – time the mountain erupted.

Hasil gambar untuk Cara mengatasi letusan gunung

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I will give you tips on how to disaster management volcanic eruption, we need to know in advance about the symptoms and early warning of disasters such volcanic eruptions, preparations in the face of a volcanic eruption, the volcano disaster mitigation. For that I will review more details about it – that, following his review: Signs – Sign mountain would erupt

  • The volcanic tremor / local , are earthquakes that usually occur before and after the mountain will erupt. This earthquake occurred due to the pressure of magma in the volcano, the tremors will be felt by humans and animals residing in the surrounding mountains. Estimates of the mountain will erupt is usually marked by the occurrence of many volcanic tremor.
  • Many of the animals were out / down from the mountains , the animals are usually very sensitive to natural phenomena that occur. Animals can sense the heat when the mountain will erupt, so animals are not comfortable anymore to stay in the area around the mountain, and will leave / come down from the mountain.
  • Rising temperatures in the vicinity of the mountain , will be very hot temperatures different than usual, it is also a sign – a sign gunun would erupt.
  • The mountain springs will dry up , this is caused because of temperature changes that occur in the area around the mountain, the water will quickly dry up in because the temperature became very hot.
  • Plants will mengeringg (wilt) on / off , quickly drying up of springs, then automatically supply the food needed by the plants will be reduced, this will cause the plants will dry (wilt) will even die.
Once you know the sign – a sign of the mountain would erupt, things you need to know next is preparation in the face of volcanic eruptions, if a volcanic eruption, after the volcano erupted.Here I will mebahas in details about those three things, following his review.

Preparation Before Facing Volcanic Eruption

  • Recognizing the local area to determine a safe place for refuge, to you know the local terrain, you can plan when the volcano erupted territory – territory that is safe to evacuate
  • Creating a disaster management plan, it is berfugsi to when the volcano erupted you can handle rescue all the items you have, whether it is livestock and other valuables.
  • Preparing refuge, planning refugee camps is very necessary to do, with the aim when the volcano erupted, the residents who are in a radius of alert can be evacuated to places of refuge, so that citizens are not confused run / save themselves if the mountain will collapse, because the officers / parties – related parties will evacuate.
  • Preparing basic needs, the needs of its own among other garments, goods – goods that are in use every day, drugs – drugs. Although setting up basic needs such as this is not so obligatory because usually in place – evacuation has been prepared by the government and parties – related parties

If There Volcanic Eruption

  • Avoid areas prone to disasters such as mountain slopes, valleys and lava flow area.
  • Open space, protect themselves from the ash and pyroclastic. Prepare yourself for the possibility of aftershocks.
  • Wear clothing that can protect the body such as: long sleeves, long pants, hats and more.
  • Do not wear contact lenses.
  • Wear a mask or cloth to cover the mouth and nose
  • When the decline in hot clouds try to cover her face with both hands.

After Volcanic Eruption Occurred

  • Stay away from areas affected by ash
  • Clean the roof of the ashes. Due to its weight, can damage or tear down the roof of the building.
  • Avoid driving in areas affected by ash can cause engine damage
A large number of victims who died of loss of property in the event of catastrophic volcanic eruptions, can not be avoided anymore. Humans can only be able to seek the best action to save themselves. For that we need mitigation efforts in minimizing the number of casualties and property losses due to volcanic eruptions, actions to be taken
Monitoring volcanic activity
volcano monitored for 24 hours using a seismic recorder (seismograph). Daily data monitoring results are reported to the office of the Directorate of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (DVMBG) in Bandung using SSB radio communication. The volcano observation post officers submit monthly reports to the local government.
Emergency Response
Actions taken by DVMBG when increased volcanic activity, among other things evaluate the report and data, forming the Emergency Response Team, sent a team to the location, conduct an integrated examination.
Map of the area prone to volcanic eruptions can explain the type and nature of volcanic hazards, disaster-prone areas, the direction of escape, refugee camps, and post disaster management.
Investigations volcano
The investigation of the volcano using the method of Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry. The investigation is shown in the form of books, maps and other documents.
Officers to disseminate to local governments and communities, especially those living around the volcano. A form of socialization may be sending information to local governments and direct outreach to the community.

Making the bunker (temporary shelter) 
With the creation of a solid banker goal is, if the people who live around the mountain did not get in the evacuation / late in the evacuation process, can hide in the bunker while -bunker that’s been made.
Formation of residents on alert
objective of the residents on alert to evacuate temporarily act as before local government officials / party – related parties coming to the citizens of the mountainside.

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