RISHA and Technological Development Hurricane Resistant Home part2

3. Nev House

Image via radioaustralia.net.au

Two Australian Nev Hyman (left) and Ken McBryde build a house from recycling. The house built in Vanuatu is able to resist the onslaught of winds of 300 km / h. Earthquake emergency kit

4. Sol Duc Cabin

Tom Kundig, a hobby of fishing, make a house a cabin that is made of steel with an area of ​​32 square meters. Cabin home form is quite simple and has a panel that can be opened and closed.

I cuman included four examples of design houses that can be an inspiration for PUPR to create a “blue print”, the house is really anti-storm and rain. Among the four designs, the house with a dome shape most logical course to be developed further.Moreover, this dome home is already growing in Indonesia.

However, there is no harm in applying this domed house with the technology and resources of the PUPR to create a home that is not only resistant to earthquakes, but also withstand the storm.

RISHA PUPR also can develop further. It could be the name RISHA Plus or RISHA 2.0 (although this sounds silly name for a housing innovation). This new RISHA will have a dome-shaped roof, though I own quite difficult to imagine it.

Let’s look at the following RISHA scheme.

It may be noted RISHA bottom is supported by a strong steel but not for the roof.

Well, I then think what is quite possible if PUPR building a dome home with RISHA concept? With all the technology that is still, in fact it is quite possible

Most likely, the Ministry PUPR can imitate home by referring to the concept of home Nev House which is only made of plastic and wood.

To be sure, the presence RISHA as a housing technological innovation is something that is very well developed by the Ministry PUPR to a more advanced stage. If the home can withstand earthquakes, why not bring the “other abilities’ which would make RISHA be more preferable than ordinary houses.

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