Special Ceremony For Debris Garbage Time Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Waste of earthquake earth andtsunami March 11, 2011 in the Tohoku region of Japan, particularly in the city of Sendai diupacarakan, because it has finished processing 260,000 tons, including 50,000 tons of waste from other cities.

The ceremony in Wakabayashi area of ​​Sendai city about 30 people who attended it, covered Tribunnews.com, the first recycling efforts undertaken by the city of Sendai, earthquake kit

Special Ceremony For Debris Garbage Time Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

“Management of waste or garbage is recycled pertajma performed Sendai city. Leading to the reconstruction of one step forward for Sendai,” said the Head of the waste management center, Moriya Endo yesterday.

Recycling the debris (in three places) is expected to be carried out on 74 percent of the debris collected by the natural disaster in Tohoku and management of debris quake it was faster than 3 months from the original plan.

Work on the first phase completed in Miyagi prefecture is still going to proceed with the completion and construction of the next phase for the development of areas affected by earthquakes in the past.

According to the Ministry of the Environment of Japan , from the debris of 16.08 million tons which occurred prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, a process it had done as much as 13.14 million tons (82 percent) at the end of August 2013. That can be further processed as many as 62 percent. The rest is mostly concrete debris that can not be recycled.

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