Flash Flood Mitigation (Debris Flow)

Flash floods are by definition could serve as a flow of soil, stone, wood mixed with water slide in the narrow gap and steep slope and we need to do is flood mitigation efforts. In Geology for Planning book written, he categorizes as a flash flood flow fast flow type soil. From almost all occurrences of flash floods in Indonesia due to the felling of trees indiscriminately (although pork wrote not blind ).

The river’s flow is clogged located upstream of the cause of the formation of a large body of water like a “lake”. Landslide that occurred in the upstream dam could also be causing the formation of the “lake”. If the water volume because of rain and The blockage could no longer hold back the water masses there will be a sudden release of water.

What causes earthquakes facts –┬áThis flash flood flow would normally pass through the slopes and streams that have been formed earlier, but because of the water discharge very much and with debris (rocks, soil and wood) are taken then the flow will have great momentum and damaging everything in front of him. Here are some methods for mitigating flood.
Flexible Ring Net in Switzerland

Flexible Ring Net Solutions As Floods

Flexible Ring Net is a series of rings with a diameter of ┬▒ 30 cm are combined into a net. The series of the bracelet will form a mesh that is flexible and will be able to withstand the flow of flood. Installation of Flexible Ring Net in stages along the river into the alleged flow of flood has been applied in different countries.

Wendeler et al., In 2006, once wrote that almost all countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, has been used in an attempt Net Ring Flexible protection from flood disasters (debris flow). The first installation is done in the Swiss state in 2005 as a picture that I attach. Installation of Flexible Ring Net-rise is then performed in Switzerland in 2008.

Our neighboring countries Malaysia has put up some Flexible Ring Net in some point of the alleged impending flood . I recommend for the rivers and the slopes that exist in Indonesia for the immediate installation of Flexible Ring Net in the region expected to pass flood flows (debris flow).

Installation of Flexible Ring Net should be done by experts in order to know about the condition of the rock where the mounting Flexible Ring Net that should really be strong (igneous and metamorphic rocks) and should not be applied in sedimentary rocks. To issue a suitable mounting location indeed we must ask geologists.

At present, there are companies called Geobrugg which has memprodusi Flexible Ring Net in an attempt to flood protection and some other disaster.

Hopefully in the future, researchers we can develop its own innovative method, applicable, and cheap ways to mitigate floods, prevention of natural disasters that often occur on Indonesian soil and writing efforts flood mitigation is beneficial.

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