Trump Thanks Ford For Canceling The Kostum Badut Bandung Factory In Mexico. And Promise Not To Stick Around.

After the US manufacturer abandoned plans to build a factory in the neighboring country, investing in alternatives in the US, the US president-elect – who had threatened more taxes – thanks the decision and promises not to stay here.

A day after the US automaker canceled plans to build a plant in Mexico, opting to invest in the US following President-elect’s notices, it is now Donald Trump’s turn to thank Ford for the decision.

“Thanks to Ford for giving up a new factory in Mexico and creating 700 new jobs in the US This is just the beginning – much more follows,” he wrote in his Twitter account the president who takes office within 16 days.

Donald Trump had earlier attacked the US auto industry – specifically General Motors – yesterday for the transfer of production outside the US, threatening higher customs duties to apply to vehicles produced abroad.

“General Motors is sending Chevy Cruze to the dealers across the border and free of taxes. Make them in the US or pay more customs duties,” the tycoon argued.

In response, the company said that the Chevrolet Cruze is produced in Lordstown, Ohio, but that the same vehicle in the five-door version, having weak sales in the United States and destined for the kostum badut bandung global market, is manufactured in Mexico.

Shortly after Trump’s announcement, another kostum badut bandung manufacturer – Ford – announced the suspension of construction of a new factory planned for Mexico, an investment of 1,600 million dollars (about 1,500 million euros at current prices). As an alternative, it will invest 670 million euros in the creation of a production unit in the US state of Michigan to create 700 jobs in the development of autonomous and electric cars.

At CNN, Mark Fields (CEO of Ford) viewed US investment as a “vote of confidence” in the business environment created by Donald Trump and the US economy. But he ruled out that there was any prior negotiation with Trump on the basis of the decision: “We did not do any business with Trump. We did our business,” Fields said.

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump had criticized Ford for deciding to invest kostum badut bandung in Mexico, promising that it would apply a 35 percent tax rate on cars made in Mexico and sold in the US.

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