Harrison Ford Gives Twisted Answer To Badut Bandung Donald Trump’s Accolades: “Air Force One Was Just a Movie”

Pre-candidate for the presidency of the United States claimed to be a fan of the feature film in which Ford plays an American leader

Harrison Ford has deepened the list of hostile celebrities to pre-presidential candidate Donald Trump. In an interview with an Australian TV show, Star Wars actor Indiana Jones and many other classics did not like to know that the Republican Party politician is a fan of his work.

The folk album story of Bernie Sanders, the socialist pre-candidate for the US presidency.

Trump recently stated that his favorite interpretation of a US president in the movies is that of Ford in Air Force One. In the film, the actor lives a dilemma between negotiating with terrorists and having his family executed during a plane trip.

In the interview, Ford begins joking with badut bandung Trump, known for his controversial and conservative positions: “The beloved Donald Trump? Who’s running for the presidency? “He jokes, before making a face. “Is he running for president? Um, I thought it was a residence. Does he think he’s going to run the show? It can not be, I do not think so. ”

Upon hearing that the politician is a fan of Air Force One, Ford responds: “It’s a movie. Donald, it’s a movie. It’s not like that in real life. ”

Watch the Harrison Ford interview:

Billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump left British author J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, unconvinced in declaring in recent days that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States while local authorities “do not find out what the hell is going on.”

The commentary concerned an attack by a couple of Muslims in California to a hospital that serves disabled patients – 14 people were killed. On Twitter, Rowling claimed that badut bandung Trump manages to be worse than the villain of his magical story, Lord Voldemort.

Beyond that, actress Jennifer Lawrence has already stated that “It will be the end of the world” if Trump wins the election and artists like Neil Young and Aerosmith members have demanded that the politician stop using their songs like badut bandung at their rallies.

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