According To Lula, Time Of Crisis Requires Bold Solutions For Resumption Of Growth

Former president addressed book launch that tells part of the history of metallurgical strikes in ABC

In a speech last Friday, no ABC Metalworkers’ Union, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva spoke about the economic crisis that the country is going through and how possible ways to overcome it.

According to him, it is no use insisting on the speech of stagnation when an economy is down, it is necessary to think of bold solutions. “If the government took $ 100 billion of the reserve that is generating negative interest in the United States and invest in essential infrastructure works: ports, airports … we would make a wheel Of the economy to turn and the country to grow again, “said the former president.

Lula also spoke about the process he is responding to not Paraná, where prosecutors or accuse him of owning a no Guarujá property that is not and never was in his name, besides being used by him. “If a judge (Sergio Moro) needs the press to judge a citizen, a question that I ask why it is necessary to do so, A judge? ” What you’re doing is criminalizing newspaper headlines, but what they did not know about my relationship with the Brazilian people is not possible, it’s over 40 years old, “said the former president.

Lula was in the Metallurgical Union for the launch of a book that tells part of the history of the famous strikes of the late 1970s and early 1980s, in which he writes the preface.

“A working class endowed with high human values ​​and a combativeness as exemplary as a description in this book, knowing how to find a way to stop a conservative offensive that seeks to nullify the social advances of recent years. – President.

The book “The History of Workers’ Struggle at Ford, São Bernardo do Campo 1981 to 2016,” recounts the memory of the 35 years of the formation of the 1st Factory Commission at the assembly plant. In 1981, in response to the 450 layoffs at the Ford factory in St. Bernard, about nine thousand people crossed their arms fighting for the reintegration of their companions. Lula suggested that within the agenda of demands of the strike should be included a requirement to create a Factory Commission.

The movement, which lasted five days, won the recognition of the Provisional Plant Commission with a guarantee of the implementation of the definitive commission. The result of the creation of the ABC Factory Commission, which refers to the Single System of Representation, or SUR.

For a story about a struggle fought in those years, the two fellows of formation of the Commission, Alberto Eulálio, Betão and João Ferreira Passos, the Bagaço, organized the book. Testimonies of 27 workers who were part of the past and made present at Ford, the book rescues this trajectory before the creation of the Commission to the present day.

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