Good food for a pet dog – What kind of food is good and right for a pet dog is kind of meat because the dog is an animal that almost could we give the food of other types we can provide dog food with vegetables veggies of course vegetables that we can give to our pet dog has been mixed with meat or foods that contain animal protein for example fish, chicken etc.

Dog food
In the era of today’s world we are not hard to find a dog food that has been packed into cans for canned food for dogs we can buy it in a store specialty store dog food or if we trouble finding canned food that we can give canned sardines are many sold in supermarkets or stores.

Here’s a list of four types of food for a pet dog to stay healthy

  1. Give the dog with lots of animal protein we can provide the type of dog food meat because meat is a favorite type of dog food.
  2. Fish: Fish also includes an excellent food for dogs because the same nutritional content of meat
  3. Rice and eggs we could give this meal by mixing the rice and eggs
  4. Give a special canned food for dog food nutrients contained in food cans are usually appropriate nutritional value
We must note if we give the kind food is to note the dog food is not to look stale sometimes dogs also like the food was stale but in terms of health will impact the health of the dog itself has a pet dog is indeed very exciting especially dogs that have to be maintained tame and according to us.

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