If you are a beginner and want to know how to create an online store ? now you do not need to be confused anymore, because now you can create an online shop / online store itself only a short time, yep 5 minutes! and good again you do not need to worry about the problem suppliers of products that you sell! weakness online store that is only one factor supplier we can trust, tips jualan online it is one of the things that could be an obstacle! because we all know to make a website or our website only takes 1 minute ,! ie by clicking the fantastico installer, and install wordpress finished! I believe it is less than 1 minute!
Hasil gambar untuk cara agar penjualan online meningkat

But another story when we have to make an online store or shop online , because we certainly need a product that we sell ! ranging from shoes, watches, clothing , bags, and so on! if you are a beginner in online business shop or e-commerce, you definitely will be confused! and how to get the product to your olshop at low prices , in order to be on sale again? it certainly would be an obstacle for beginners, because I was, when you want to create an online store, which I think was, where I had to look for a supplier who could provide ter price range, has not it?

Even worse, the average supplier that has thousands of products definitely will only provide a catalog of course! The question is how do we upload thousands of products to our shop online? maybe if two thousand products can still be done (if I still honestly, can not) but what if the supplier has 10 thousand products or maybe 50 thousand products? is it possible you can upload tens of thousands of these files: D No hand curly your

remember this article is destined for a beginner! now you do not need to worry about the tens of thousands of products that you have uploaded to your website, and the good news again, you do not need to search for a list of suppliers who can be trusted! and more crazy again, you just pay 100,000: D, want to know how gan? ok immediately wrote yah to the point!

It is very easy that is, visit this site ( Dropship membership) and then you fill in the data themselves properly, and become a member on the site, it costs only 100,000 rupiah! you could say this business is suitable for beginners because it is cheap (for the size of business e-commerce)! once you’ve become a member (remember after !

if you do not pay, you can not), there will be two options, make instant online store or install a plugin! Instant online shop means that they will make right your online store, so your task is only to promote it, the others are handled by the site! while for the plugin, we can use to grab / take / upload thousands of products at their disposal, the use of plug-in only for those who are already familiar with WordPress! meaning that if you already have a wordpress blog by using shared hosting, you can easily create an online store wordpress , you just install wordpress for your olshop, then download the plug-in, and then publish! in a short time the plugin will post thousands of products! not easy enough: certainly will save a lot of your time!

The next way is, optimal your online store! way is, by selecting a specific product, for example, choose products related to clothing, for example, women’s clothing, men’s clothing and children’s clothing! the goal is, so that the online store you get a good position with easy, of course, you have to do seo on page and backlink! if you want to use Google Adwords, it would be better, because the result will be faster visible! but does not guarantee to use Adwords you definitely rich if you are still confused, the installation problem, online shop or things related to online please contact me if I can later would I help: D, about the cost later I’ll try to love cheap !

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