The natural way the body against the cold

Did you ever see that movie characters trying to survive living in very cold weather. Yes, even if it seems trivial cold weather can also endanger health and even cause death. Especially when you are on a wet and cold.

Even so, the body has its own way to react and adapt to the cold. As is the case when faced with hot weather, the body also has natural ways to cope with the cold that reaches it. In order to survive in the cold weather, the body must maintain a warm temperature that is within.

1. Reducing energy expenditure
body will naturally look for the source to burn energy to keep warm. In addition, the body will also allocate energy very carefully to all parts of the body. During this process the body will reduce some muscle contraction and reallocate the amount of carbohydrate used. When the temperature decreases and becomes increasingly cold nervous system will work more slowly and impulses that move the muscles will be slower.

The body will be more use carbohydrates to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid is combined with a slow nervous system will make the body work more slowly and retain heat in the body.

2. The reduced blood flow
Cold weather causes blood vessels to constrict and blood flow becomes more and more slowly. Blood vessels constrict first is around the skin of the finger, hand, and foot. That is why the areas of the body more quickly than the other cold. How this is done the body to limit the amount of heat coming out, and keep the heat stays inside.

The more heat that is in the body, the higher the chances of the body to survive. But it is also risky for people with hypertension and heart disease. Constrict blood vessels will lead to high blood pressure and affect how the blood is received by the heart. It also makes the heart work harder than normal.

3. Start chills
To maintain the temperature remains warm, the body will try to produce heat from the inside to let the muscles and organs move, which we call shivering. Although this method uses more energy and is not efficient enough to produce heat, but the researchers explain that the new method is carried out of the body when the skin temperature at cold start.

Actually our body is equipped with a natural mechanism for survival. This is very important when people should be confronted with the weather changing and very bad, hot or cold. But sometimes in extreme cases, the body will not be able to maintain the heat in him and could not produce heat. When this happens, the body will experience a problem that can even be life-threatening as hypothermia.

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